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A seed that was planted with effort. Our story is the story of the growth of a seed rather than its fruition.

The seeds that have a thousand flavors and legends in them, and each path that finally reaches the smile of human satisfaction.

Gepard Inc. is the story of the same seed that was planted in 2011 and with the passage of time and the establishment of a juice factory in Ahvaz, it continued its activities to give smiles and satisfaction to people by creating new flavors.

Today’s lives can be recognized by one feature, and that is speed, and we all know that preparing and producing juice takes a lot of time. By focusing on the health and quality of its products, Gepard has tried to provide a product to Iranian families that will help preserve their health while saving their time.

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N. 236, Rash St, Caspian Industrial Town, Ahvaz, Iran

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